Recurrent Education (KOSEN 4.0)

Recurrent Education
(KOSEN 4.0)

"KOSEN 4.0" Initiative Project
"Recurrent Education Program for Construction Workers in Shimane"

 As part of the “KOSEN 4.0” initiative, we are promoting the “Recurrent Education Program for Construction Engineers in Shimane” as a new project starting in 2008, with the main objective of “contributing to the local community” and the secondary objective of “fostering human resources who can lead new industries. We will continue to promote the program in the future. In the future, we plan to develop and expand the education and research system with this program as the core for the fourth mid-term plan period (five years from Heisei 31 year).

Recurrent Education Program for Construction Engineers in Shimane

 The recurrent education program is designed to enhance the educational program for construction engineers in response to i-Construction for the purpose of regional development and revitalization in Shimane, to foster problem-solving engineers using ICT technology in the construction field, and to promote the use of new technologies for the next generation.

 In this program, participants will learn the basic techniques of 3D surveying and 3D modeling in order to respond to i-Construction. After acquiring the basic skills, they will work in groups with students from Matsue National College of Technology to solve problems in the construction field by utilizing the skills they have acquired and their practical experience. This program will enhance the attractiveness of the construction industry, accelerate the early understanding of the construction process and the transfer of technology, and contribute to solving the shortage of workers through interaction between students of the school, students of this program, and experts from the government and construction industry in Shimane Prefecture.