Request Certificates

Request Certificates

Certificate Type

  1. Diploma
  2. Academic Transcript   
  3. Certificate of Graduation   
  4. Academic Research Papers   
  5. Certificate of Credit   
  6. Diploma in English   
  7. Academic Transcript in English

  * If you are not listed above, please call in advance.

How to Request

By postal mail:

Please enclose the following items (1) and (2), and send them to the Educational Affairs Section, Student Affairs Division.

(1) Documents containing the following information (Arbitary Format)

・Full name (if written in English, please use the Roman alphabet as it appears in your passport)

・Date of birth

・Graduation date and department

・Certificate type

・Number of copies

・Purpose of use and where to submit

・Contact information (Address, Phone number, etc.)

(2) A self-addressed, stamped return envelope

* Size of the return envelope and cost of the stamp                   

  Certificate 1 copy:¥84 stamps on long type 3

2 or more copies:¥120 stamps on square type 2

* If you are in a hurry, please add an express delivery fee of ¥260.

By Counter: Please fill out the application form available at the counter and submit it to the Educational Affairs Section.

 If you are able to come to the office to pick up the certificate, you may send us a fax or e-mail with the necessary information in advance. (In this case, please call us for confirmation.)


Click here (Student Affairs Division, Educational Affairs Section)


There is no issuance fee.

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