Educational principles, educational objectives

Educational principles, educational objectives

National Institute of Technology, Matsue College Educational Principles
We aim to educate students to be international engineers, with creative ability and well versed in practical techniques 

 A school should be a place where students can realize their potential as human beings.

 Learning is at the root of human development and a desire to learn is something we should sustain throughout our lives.  We should all try to develop ourselves with a sound mind and body. Therefore our mission is to provide education aimed at fostering not only the development of engineers but also the human development of students.

 We place great emphasis on creativity, and the ability to produce something innovative.  However we don’t want to educate engineers at this school who have only creative abilities. We aim to produce graduates who can also cope with continuous industrial progress.  Manufacturers are continually required to modify products to meet changing customer demand. Therefore engineers need to share a common view with people from their community or from all over the world. To acquire such a universal perspective, engineers should have sophistication, communicative ability and team spirit and be able to work cooperatively.  Also, they need both the ability to gather information and analyze it, and the enthusiasm to solve problems using basic skills.  This is a measure of true creativity.

 Moreover, people living in the 21st century cannot ignore ethical considerations. Even though we may sometimes take inappropriate or inefficient actions that work against the good of ourselves or the institutions we belong to, we should always work with the vision of global citizenship. By adopting this ethos, we are able to influence current and future generations to work towards protection of the global environment.

 The ideal engineer is not one who is willing to work only to develop themselves, but the one who can contribute to both technical revolution and to community or global environmental preservation activities.

 Therefore, the education at this college aims to educate such international engineers with creativity and practical skills.

Educational Objectives for National Institute of Technology, Matsue College
Our college aims to foster students with both the ability to learn and individual creativity

To give students the desire to improve their expertise and communication skills, and widen their cultural perspectives.

To give students a zest for creativity, making observations with a broad, sound and sensitive view

To give students the motivation to advance technologies that will facilitate the natural environment, and to contribute to international society.

National Institute of Technology, Matsue College Educational Purposes

 The educational purposes of each department are prescribed based on our college educational policies.

 (Cf. Educational 3 Policies, pp.7-8)

National Institute of Technology, Matsue College Research Objectives and Policy

 To achieve our educational objectives, it is essential that we develop faculty, whose members can cope with social and industrial progress. Therefore all faculty make efforts to develop and strengthen their educational and research ability through attending international conferences or faculty development programs, and through collaborative research projects with other tertiary educational institutes or companies. By these means, our staff keep abreast of the latest educational or research trends.

National Institute of Technology, Matsue College Cooperation with Community and International Affairs

 This college aims to educate international engineers with creativity and practical skills who can contribute to the community. Therefore we focus on solving problems in the community and try to feed achievements back into the community. We hold open classes to contribute to the enhancement of our community. Also our students have the opportunity to take up internships to improve their practical skills and foster their sociability.

 We maintain a very positive attitude to international students and also send our students on programs abroad.

The Principles of our Educational Objectives

 The prefectural tree of Shimane, the site of our college, is the Japanese black pine. In the symbol of our college, the young needles of the black pine are growing in three directions from the center, forming the Japanese character HITO, meaning ”people”. This character symbolizes our school principle, that we develop good personalities beneficial to society. The expression in Japanese is “HITOZUKURI”.

 We train engineers of sound mind and body who are willing to learn, who have creative energy, who do not yield to difficulties, and who desire to work to benefit society and to advance technologies to conserve the globe and the environment.