Environmental policy

Environmental policy

1.Basic policy

 We must not merely act based on our own interests or the interests of the organization to which we belong, but we must not lack the sense of ethics to be able to act as a world citizen living in the same world as every other person on the planet, even if it sometimes goes against that. This also leads us to have an eye for the future others who will live in this world after us.

 We believe that an engineer is only an engineer if he or she can contribute to the preservation of the global environment, which is inevitably necessary not only for one’s own personal growth, but also for the evolution of technology, regional and international society, and future generations.

 The faculty, staff, and students who gather at our school aim to become “engineers who can learn and create,” and by having their eyes shine brightly, having hopes for the future, and living a fulfilling student life with the friends and faculty they meet, they will become real engineers. Our environmental policy is to develop human resources with such an environment in mind

2.Environmental policy

 We will strive to reduce the load on the global environment and prevent pollution from our educational and research activities.

 To develop education and research for the conservation, maintenance, and improvement of the global and local environment, and to cooperate with the local community in order to develop “engineers” who can contribute to global environmental conservation.

 In order to achieve this environmental policy, we have set environmental objectives and targets, and our faculty, staff, and students will work together to achieve these objectives and targets.

 We will comply with the requirements of laws, regulations, ordinances, agreements, and self-imposed restrictions on the environment related to our school’s activities.

 In addition to establishing an environmental management system, we will periodically review our environmental objectives and targets and strive for continuous improvement.

 This environmental policy will be documented and made known to all faculty and staff, as well as to students and others involved with the school. In addition, the policy will be widely disclosed to people other than the school staff through documents and the website.

Nov 24,2004