Career Education Information

Career Education Information

Career Support Room

 At Matsue National College of Technology, the Career Support Office has been established in the Educational Affairs Division to provide students with career information, internship preparation courses, and other lectures for the purpose of their self-development and career development. We have also established a Learning Support Working Group (WG) to run the Learning Support Office to support learning, especially for younger students.

Seven-Year Career Development Plan (FY2019)

Seven-Year Career Development Plan

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* There are also seminars, lectures by former students, factory tours (1st to 4th year), and special lectures by companies (mainly 4th year) as part of the class. There are also projects in cooperation with Shimane Prefecture.

Learning Support Room

 The study support room is available mainly for students in the 1st to 3rd year of the main course, as a place where they can share their learning and communicate with their seniors, making effective use of their free time after school. Please make effective use of the room not only to ask questions about what you don’t understand in your studies, but also to get hints for your career development. The room is located on the 3rd floor of the 1st building.


 In order to foster independent career choices and a high level of job awareness, the school promotes internship participation by fourth-year students in the main course. Many companies in and outside of the prefecture have registered to accept students for internships at our school. Up to 2 credits (1 credit for off-campus training and 1 credit for regional internship) can be granted as regular courses to 4th and 5th year students if they meet the prescribed regulations and practice for at least 5 days. (Only practical training conducted in Shimane Prefecture or your home prefecture can be approved for regional internship credits.) Participation in the internship preparation seminar and reporting at the internship debriefing session are also required. Details will be explained at the internship briefing held in April. All information on internship sites, including 1-day internship information, is available at the school’s Student Affairs Division.

Generic Skills Test

 A test to measure generic skills is given to students in grades 1-5 of the main course. By measuring “the ability to use knowledge to solve problems (literacy)” and “practical behavioral characteristics (competency),” the system provides an objective and multifaceted understanding of one’s own abilities. Please make the most of this opportunity to deepen your self-understanding and make proactive career choices.