Admission to the advanced engineering faculty

(Notice) Change of Special Subjects in Reiwa 5 Year (2023) Advanced Engineering Faculty Achievement Tests

We are planning to make the following changes to the specialized subjects of the academic test to be administered in the Reiwa 5 year (2023)(Implemented in Reiwa 4 year (2022)).


Advanced Production and Construction Systems Course:

Specialized subjects and subject areas

(Before) Select two courses from Mechanics of Materials, Thermodynamics, or Hydraulics, or select two courses from Structural Mechanics, Soil Mechanics, or Hydraulics.

(After)   Select either two courses in mechanics of materials and hydraulics or two courses in structural mechanics and hydraulics.

Admission Policies for the Advanced Engineering Faculty

1. Seeks Student

In these times of rapid progress of scientific technology, we should cope with technological innovation and internationalization in industry. The Advanced Engineering Faculty addresses our educational policy of educating students to be International engineers with both creativity and practical techniques. Here we intend to educate students to “Have ability in research and development engineering, professional ethics, and global consciousness”

Our college aims to foster students with both the ability to learn and individual creativity.

MAtsue:              To give students the desire to improve their expertise and communication skills, and widen their cultural perspectives.

maTSUe:             To give students a zest for creativity, making observations with a broad, sound and sensitive view.

matsuE                To give students the motivation to advance technologies that will facilitate the natural environment, and to contribute to international society.

 Therefore, we expect students admitted to the Advanced Engineering Faculty will “Have a basic ability to learn and the will to rise to the challenge of developing engineering technology”.

2. Basic Policy for Student Selection in Advanced Engineering Faculty

To select students who have the basic learning ability suitable for achieving the educational goals of our major and who are motivated to work on professional technical development.

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