President’s Address

Education at National Institute of Technology, Matsue College

 National Institute of Technology, Matsue College was founded in 1964, as one of a network of 51 national technology colleges in Japan. Currently, this institution offers a five-year general course, consisting of five faculty departments. Additionally, upon graduation from the general course, students may further their studies in a specialized, two-year course offering two majors in higher education.

The aim of the national colleges of technology is to develop human resources with practical knowledge necessary for business enterprise and life skills, as well as technical proficiency and creativity. The following are distinctive characteristics of this institution’s education:

  1. A five-year course of specialized education begins from a young age following graduation from junior high school.
  2. Creative human resources development through practical and technical education focusing on experimentation and practicum training in accordance with foundational knowledge.
  3. here is detailed educational guidance due to the small number of students in each class.
  4. Human development through means such as extra-curricular activities and dormitory life.
  5. Diverse career paths upon graduation (i.e. employment upon completion of the five-year general course, continuation to the specialized two-year course, transfer to university, as well as finding employment after the two-year specialized course or continuing to graduate studies).

President  OHTSU, Hiroyasu

This institution aims to develop students with an ability to learn, utilize creativity and gain practical skills, while at the same being internationally minded engineers in the future. Each student enters this school with their own dreams and wishes for their future, and with these goals in mind, shape the unique character of student life. As students put forth a great effort, so too, do our staff to help them achieve their goals. Another distinguishing feature of this institution is our cooperation with regional companies and the industrial sector to develop various industries and research endeavors.  We appreciate your kind understanding, and hope that many talented students, who share our educational goals, will be admitted to our college.